Accept the Loss

from by 3 Dates Later



Accept the loss

The time it takes for you to make your move, your loss
I will flip the bill, and fuck the cost
It’s weird, you say, for me to take whats offered, un-take?
I won’t ask for help accept the loss.

Can’t fall asleep without the t.v. on my friend?
I will tell you bedtime stories, where everything works out in the end.
I will rub your back, I will wash your feet!
I will not smile at you for fear you’ll see the grime between my teeth.

Unkempt, un-made, not polished, not glazed. Unloved? So what!
I will flip the bill and fuck the cost.
Lastly, un-true, so what? Supposed to! Won’t make, can’t stay?
I won’t ask for help accept the loss.


from The Ten Year Hangover, released November 25, 2013



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